Some services that Texas Veterinary Ophthalmology provides:

·      Routine complete eye exam and diagnostic testing

·      Advanced diagnostics: electroretinography, ocular ultrasound (A-scan, B-scan, high frequency ultrasound biomicroscopy), color PLR (SARDS test)

·      Comprehensive medical therapy for all manner of eye disease

·      Comprehensive surgical therapy when indicated:

o   Corneal transplant and grafting

o   Cataract removal and lens replacement with state of the art Alcon Cataract Suite (Luxor LX3 microscope and Centurion phacoemulsification machine)

o   Eyelid reconstruction

o   Prolapsed third eyelid gland replacement

o   Salivary duct transposition for dry eye disease

o   Glaucoma surgery (laser therapy and valve implants)

o   Cryosurgery for tumors and hair abnormalities

o   Laser retinopexy